Purchased in the 1890’s by Joseph W. Daily, a man who was raised in the wilds of Minnesota as a fur trader, moved to Detroit with his family and retired as the head of the Detroit Marine Bank.  Mr. Daily purchased Lockwood Lake and the surrounding property as an escape from the city and as an eventual retirement property. The log buildings were built by Mr. Daily and have been maintained with his spirit in mind for the last 110 years.  The initial acreage purchased by Mr. Daily was 1040 acres. Upon his death in 1921, the land was sold to Mr. Harry Fitzgerald of Pontiac, Michigan who used the property as a hunting and fishing retreat. During Mr. Fitzgerald’s ownership, the acreage was increased to approximately 1400 acres.


In 1945 Lockwood Lake Ranch was purchased by Henry B. Joy Jr., the son of Henry B. Joy Sr.,  a prominent Detroit businessman who purchased Packard Motors in 1905, moved it to Detroit and was head of the company until 1928.  Henry Sr. was also instrumental in real estate development on the east side of Detroit including the gifting of Selfridge Air Force base to the United States Government.


An avid sportsman, Henry B. Joy Jr. purchased Lockwood Lake Ranch as a hunting and fishing preserve and a retreat from the city. Henry Jr. also began to purchase contiguous property that became available, further increasing the total acreage to the current size of 2000+ acres.  


The current owners have maintained the property from wildlife conservation, and sustainable forestry management to general maintenance;   considering themselves stewards of the land, protecting it for future generations, whomever that may be.